Hot Rii Mini i7 mini Wireless Air Mouse Remote Combo 2.4GGHZ for TV BOX PC


Why Choose rii mini i7 mini wireless fly mouse remote combo?

You can use it for emails, chat, or to enjoy your favorite games. It is compatible with HTPC,
Smart TV, TV BOX running Android systems.It also supports Sony Playstation3. Use it with
your HTPC on your Sofa or browse the internet in the most comfortable fashion.

Using Air mouse

Air mouse function relies on specific keys to activate. In the open status, the mouse will follow

your gestures in any direction, to help you perform the moving, clicking, dragging, etc. In any

status, you can click the Switch button to lock the mouse and the terminal will entersleep mode.

In locked status, you can click any key to activate it.You will enjoy more convenience and control

on-screen menu easier.


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· Receiver(dongle): Nano style

· Connection port : With USB2.0 above

· Transmission mode: GFSK 2.4GHz, up to 10 meters

· Transmission Power: Less than +4db

· Power supply: AAA * 2 battery

· Sleeping current class1: 30uA

· Operation voltage: 3V

· Operating current: <15mA

· Product Weight: 65g (Contains battery and receiver)

· Product Size: 132*40*22mm

System Requirements

· HID compatible device

· Terminal with USB port

· Windows 2000

· Windows XP

· Windows Vista, Windows CE, Windows 7, Windows 8 , Windows 10

· Linux (Debian-3.1,Redhat-9.0, Ubuntu-8.10, Fedora-7.0 tested)

· Android OS (With standard USB interface)

Package Contents

· Air Mouse Keyboard

· USB Wireless Receiver

· User Manual

· AAA * 2 battery(Optional)


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